Cassandra's Farmhouse Florals

Welcome to Cassandra's Farmhouse Florals. I'm a disabled veteran here to share love & lasting beauty through my original flower jars and candle vases.

I'm a disabled veteran about 10 years ago I had onset of a spinal cord disorder. With having this spinal cord disorder, fibromyalgia and two types of arthritis I stopped working outside the home and have been focused on being a wife and mom. We bought a small home in North Idaho with 5 acres we are slowly making into our hobby farm. This year I made a couple of my flower jars and candle vases as gifts for friends and family. They love and enjoyed them. When I shared pictures people expressed an interest in purchasing them. I hurt a lot and struggle with feeling productive. My husband works hard to provide and I miss working. It's not the same work I did before but hopefully my creations bring beauty and joy to those who buy or receive them. Each one is carefully planned with a lot time invested selecting items and making arrangements. I make my jars and vases with the idea of sharing love with other people.
Enjoy Cassandra's Farmhouse Florals, shop of the original flower jars and candle vases.
Thank you for your interest, support and business.


All vases are pick up only. We do not ship them.