Customer Submissions

These are photos that our customers have sent in of decals we made for them on their vehicles or wherever else they put them. Some of these are friends and some are customers that sent us pictures of the decals after they put them on their vehicles. Some are businesses that we have worked for and continue to work for. We continually strive to make superior products.

The first two pictures below are from a buddy of mine that wanted a couple decals made for him. The first was a decal that says "Yes this is my truck! No you can't borrow it!, No I won't help you move!" and the second is a Idaho graphic with a heart on the city he lives.

The third picture is our version of the Seattle Seahawks logo on our decal retailers window. To this date, they have sold over 600 decals at their location for us. 

Steve/Idaho                                                                    Towners Conoco


New York: We made these for a company that already had a logo designed. They gave us the dimensions they required them to be in and we kind of ran with it. They were very happy with the final product and this picture is in their headquarters being displayed proudly.

Lightning Tool: 8 production boards (4 pictured): These are production boards that we did in a segmented way. instead of making one huge vinyl decal we made 3 per board which made them easier to apply. Vinyl always offers a better option than many of the store-bought products people use to make production boards. 

William Newport,Wa: This is a one of a kind decal we made for an acquaintance in Newport, Wa. He had us put his nickname "William of the hills" in the center of this large windshield decal with an AK-47 on each side.