Large American Flag Vinyl Decal

Large American Flag Vinyl Decal

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This decal is new to our website on 7/10/21 but designed the weekend before. This one is dedicated to all of us Americans. As most people know we here at Taylor's Oldtown Farmhouse are Veterans of both the U.S. Army and U,S, Navy. This is a simple graphic symbolizing the heart, soul and hard work that has gone into our great country. I probably didn't have to type all that out but hey what else am I going to do on a Saturday night?

So why should you purchase one from Taylor's Oldtown Farmhouse?

Ou rAmerican Flag vinyl decal measures 11.5" x 9." The flag decal is cut from Oracle 651 vinyl. This decal will sure to be a favorite of you and your significant other. Perfect for cars and trucks alike. As with every one of our decals and shirts, we offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely happy with your purchase we will gladly send a replacement or simply refund your money. No questions asked! What companies still do that? Taylor's Oldtown Farm that's who!

So why wouldn't you buy from Taylor's Oldtown Farmhouse?

Thank you for giving our product a look! We hope you have found your new vinyl decal supplier.

  • Adheres to any smooth surface such as outside glass, vehicle bumper or tailgate.
  • Professionally cut and weeded.
  • Transfer tape applied before shipping.
  • Cut from high-quality Oracal 651 vinyl.
  • Free Shipping!