Cleansed in water, Sanctified by his blood vinyl decal

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My wife is a very spiritual being and very involved with our church and her faith. She asked me to come up with some decals based on her ideas so all of our faith decals are of her creation. Many businesses have decided to close down their faith-based sections and products. We plan on keeping our faith-based decals and continuing to develop more as time goes on. If these type of decals bother or offend you then I would suggest either backing out of this section or find a different company to purchase decals from. 

This is our cleansed in water, sanctified by his blood vinyl decal. This decal measures 7" x 5 5/8."  Again this is one of my wife's creations and we are proud to off this in decal form and possibly a shirt form later on. Show your love for the Lord with this simple yet powerful decal!

We offer our one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely happy with your purchase you can either request a replacement or a refund. No questions asked. Our priority is making our customers happy by offering them the very best decals cut from the very best vinyl. It's the Hillbilly way here at Hillbilly Decals. 

These decals are perfect for the outside of vehicles or for inside wall art. Oracal 651 outdoor vinyl makes the statement that their vinyl will last outside for 6 plus years. I have many decals on the Hillbilly Decals work truck and many have been on the truck for over 2 years. 

Give our decals a try. After all, what do you have to lose?

  • Adheres to any smooth surface such as outside glass, vehicle bumper or tailgate.
  • Professionally cut and weeded.
  • Transfer tape applied before shipping.
  • Cut from high-quality Oracal 651 outdoor vinyl.
  • Free Shipping!