About Us

We started out in 2011 as Tacticord. Tacticord was a survival bracelet and military-style clothing store. We had our store here at Shopify as well. After doing fairly well for about 5 years I was offered a job I couldn't pass up with a company that makes products for some heavy hitters in the firearms industry. I had tinkered with making stickers for various groups for quite some time so I started toying with the idea of starting a small business making and selling vinyl decals. a good friend of mine, T.J. Francis, had quite a bit of experience as he had owned a vinyl business years earlier. So he started telling me the ins and outs and what machines to get. In December we purchased a machine and in February we purchased a second. Next month we will be purchasing a third. So now we are here and the ride over the last few months has been great. We have picked up retailers in our town and we just keep gaining popularity. 

As time went on I started going to school for graphic design and various web programs. Currently, I am taking logo design, character development, and character coloring. I just figured this would be helpful in designing decals and shirts. Soon we will be adding logo design as an option for people but not until after I complete a few more courses on the subject. I have already completed 2 courses in website SEO and will be taking a few web development and marketing courses in the near future as well.

We have also started adding in graphic shirts that we are producing into the mix and many companies and people have had us design shirts for them. we are getting ready to launch a pacific northwest clothing line in the early spring as we get the designs finalized and soon after a western graphic clothing line. The next few months should be exciting!


So here we are. 



Roger and Cassandra